Building a Vibrant Business community

NABA is a growing and engaged Business Association working closely with NANA to promote the development of our community with concrete projects that we've completed and are working on.

North Avondale

Look here for a copy of our bylaws, meeting minutes, list of officers, and your membership application.

The North Avondale Business Association is dedicated to promoting the commercial development of historic North Avondale. We represent the official interests of all North Avondale businesses to the City of Cincinnati and act as a pooled knowledge source for the small business owners of the neighborhood. With over 40 member businesses and growing, we're showing that North Avondale is a great place to establish and grow your business.

NABA is comprised of over 40 businesses located in our historic neighborhood. Take a peek here at what products and services North Avondale has to offer.

Building a Vibrant Business community

Business Association
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